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EVLT is one of the newest techniques for the treatment of varicose veins as the result of superficial venous insufficiency. A tiny laser fiber is inserted into the vein, with ultrasound guidance, to the exact source of the venous problem.

Laser pulses are then used to close the vein. It requires a small non-scarring incision in the skin, local anesthesia, no hospitalization and short recovery. In some cases, other treatments including sclerotherapy, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, foam sclerotherapy, and or ambulatory phlebectomy, are used in combination with EVLT.



Benefits Of EVLT

  • The procedure is minimally invasive and less traumatic than traditional surgery.
  • It involves only a tiny non-scarring incision.
  • Recovery time is short allowing return to normal activities usually within a day.
  • The treatment is In-Office.
  • The procedure is performed under local anesthesia.