This is a natural way to anti-aging and body contour, also known as Fat Grafting, Fat Injection, Micro-fat Transfer and Autologous Fat Transfer.

Fat Transfer is a minimally invasive procedure where fat is gently removed from one area of the body, purified and concentrated, and then re-injected in another area to achieve a natural fuller and more youthful appearance.

Fat Transfer is 100% natural, as it uses the patient’s own body fat to fill, augment and contour.


Fat Transfer Procedures

Hand Rejuvenation:

One of the first body parts to show signs of aging is the hands. With age, hands begin to lose tissue and start to wrinkle and look boney, exposing tendons and veins.


Facial Rejuvenation:

Fat Transfer can also be used for rejuvenation of the face. The patient’s own fat is injected beneath the skin to fill out hollow areas in the face ( cheeks, temple, under eyes).

This technique can also to smooth out wrinkles like laugh lines and fill depressions from acne scarring.


Breast Augmentation:

Unlike breast implants, which requires incisions and produces scars, Fat Injections are minimally invasive.

Not all of the transferred fat is permanent and the procedure may need to be repeated over time.

Buttock Augmentation
(Brazilian Butt Lift):

The size and shape can be nicely managed with Fat Transfer. A natural curvaceous look can be achieved with little down time.